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Geysers 2020 Calendar

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2020 Team Events Calendar

NOTE: Dates are subject to change and additions may be made. 

Check this page often for updates on our 2020 Season Calendar!


June 1 - New Swimmer Evaluation - Pool 2

June 2 - First Day of Practice - Pool 2

June 15 - Meet # 1

June 22 - Meet # 2

June 29 - Meet # 3


July 6 -  Meet of Champions (Age 10 & under in the AM, 11 & up in the PM)

July 10 - All-Stars Swim Meet (Age 10 & under in the AM, 11 & up in the PM)

See Swim Meets page here for more details about Meet of Champions and All-Stars Swim Meet.

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Practices Schedule/Info.

Practices are held Monday through Friday, except for meet Mondays.

Swim meets are held on Monday afternoon/evenings. For more information about swim meets, click here .

Weekday 2020 Practice Times

PRACTICE TIMES (Monday thru Friday except Meet Mondays)

  • Girls Ages 6 & Under 3:00 pm
  • Boys Ages 6 & Under 3:30 pm
  • Girls Ages 7 & 8 4:00 pm
  • Boys Ages 7 & 8 4:40 pm
  • Girls Ages 9 & 10 5:20 pm
  • Boys Ages 9 & 10 6:00 pm
  • All Ages 11 & 12 6:40 pm
  • All Ages 13 - 18 7:20 pm

Weekday practices are held Pool #2, Greatwood Parkway and Park River Dr. Please arrive TEN minutes early to line up outside the gate. Be prepared with your goggles, swim cap and clearly marked water bottle, if needed. Everything else is to remain outside the gate with your parent. A coach will line the kids up, confirm that each child has a waiver signed on their behalf and give hand sanitizer to each child. The kids will be led into pool area by a coach.

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2020 Greatwood Geysers Swim Waiver

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Important Practice Information


  1. No swimmer or coach can enter the pool area unless a Waiver is signed. The Waiver is attached. Please print and bring with you on your first day. We will also have copies available if you forget.
  2. There will not be drylands this season.
  3. There will be no team swimsuits this year.
  4. There will be no team pictures this year.
  5. Coaches will be in physical contact with your kids (especially the young ones) in order to help them with their strokes.
  6. Coaches are NOT required to wear masks.
  7. Parents are not allowed on deck or in the pool area at any time. Parents can sit on the outside of the gate, anywhere around the perimeter (bring your own chair) or wait in their vehicle.
  8. Swimmers may not use the restrooms unless it’s an emergency – have your kids use the restroom before practice.
  9. Meets will be virtual (at Pool 1) with only our team. More info forthcoming.
  10. Swimmers may not change at the pool – have your kids dressed in their swimsuits.
  11. Swimmers may bring the following into the pool area. Nothing else is permitted:
    1. Goggles
    2. Footwear
    3. Swimcap
    4. A clearly marked water bottle
  12. All parents or responsible party of 10 and under swimmers must remain at the pool for the entire duration of your child's practice.
  13. If a 10 and under is riding their bike to practice, they have to have a parent or responsible party with them so, that person can keep their cell phone/bag/towel/personal items or they can hang them on their bike.
  14. If an 11 or over is riding their bike they can either:
    1. Give their cell phone/bag/towel/personal items to a parent or responsible party to hold if they are present or
    2. Bring a bag and keep the bag hanging from their bike or there will be a spot for bags right outside the gate (lining them along the fence) and they can put any personal items in their bag right outside the gate.
  15. If you are in the oldest group (13/14 and Opens) we will have the swimmers put their bags right inside the gate (lining the fence) for safety (since this is the last group swimming and it's getting darker) so personal items can stay inside their bag, inside the gate along the fence.
  16. Cell phones are not to be accessed during practice.
  17. One team photographer at a time will be allowed in the pool area.
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